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File Too Large, But It 100% Isn't

Gif I want to upload

So that is definitely 112x112 and under 1mb. I have around 6 emotes I’ve been trying to upload and BTTV just keeps telling me that it’s too large.

I even have one that is 700kb and 112x112 that gives the same exact error. I tried to get a buddy to upload them and he also got the error.

Is it because of too many frames? I don’t understand what’s wrong and the image requirements are not clear besides “28x28, 56x56, or 112x112”. I only found out about the 1mb thing because of this forum.

If it’s actually smaller than 1mb, then shit. That means the gifs are gonna suuuuuck. I already had to sacrifice huge amounts of quality in these gifs to get them under 1mb.

So is there not a moderator that can answer this question?? It’s been 5 days since I posted this.

The max file size is 1000000 bytes, and the image file you linked is 1006826 bytes, thus putting it over the filesize limit.