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The weekly upload limit is a bit ridiculous. I’m currently a BTTV pro subscriber, so the maximum emotes I can have uploaded at a single time are 25, but the weekly upload limit is 20, which means I can only fully profit of the BTTV pro for 3 weeks, instead of the 4 weeks in a month. While I understand why this limitation is in place, I think it should be increased to at least 25 uploads a week. 30 per week would be optimal to accompany for user error and denial of emotes.

With that being said I think it’s also important to add the weekly upload limit to the rules, as there’s no way of knowing about this limitation until encountering it, which is not user friendly at all.

Thanks for taking your time on reading this

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I agree with this…
I made a post on twitter about uploading, there’s also no statements in the rules or anywhere on the website…
all i got in response was

“We get so many uploads a week that there has to be limits.”

Also, I believe that if we are paying for a subscription we should at least get the 25 Emote upload.

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Looks like they don’t care enough about paying customer to even send a simple reply :thinking:

It has been stated time and time again on the forums why it was put in place and why we don’t remove it. The limit for pro members is 20 because it is strange that any person who becomes pro doesn’t already have 5 emotes to then upload 20 to reach 25, so they are uploading 25 all at once.

Also i don’t know what you mean by

You do know night is the only one working on the service in addition to working his monday-friday job, right? There is no they, he is a busy guy working one main job already, he gets tons of emails throughout the week, he gets tweets on twitter, he gets posts on the forum, messages on discord, there are a lot of avenues for response and on the forum when it has already been said before there is usually no reason to repeat yourself.

I find it funny that you even try and point this out as you are someone reported to be running an emote server on discord, and you find time to complain about it when you are using the service in a way not supported

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