[FEATURE] Test Tip Button

For debugging purposes of my in stream donation animation, I’d love a way to just add a random tip with random data. Basically a button next to “Add Tip” with “Add Test Tip” which adds a random donation with random data. It’s not a big feature and it’s not that important for ‘general’ users, but it’s a small thing that could make developers lives easier.

Thanks for implementing the confirmation box for deleting tips btw! Keep up the good work. A small question though, are you doing this all by yourself or do you have some designers or other teammates you work with? ^^

I came up with a different approach. It might be easier and way more useful to make an option to being able to sent another alert. So by just clicking “info” button for a certain tip, there should be a way to sent another alert, so that if somebody missed a tip, you can reshow it on stream. It’s great for general use and it’s great for devs who just want to test out their software.

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I like your second approach better, and will implement it later today.

To answer your question on NightDev’s size, everything NightDev is mostly just me. There are only a few volunteers whom help out on the forums and with projects.

This has been implemented.

It works perfectly, thanks! Also great respect Night! I am starting to get the hang of developing myself and you’re a great inspiration!

Awesome projects and really inspiring, thanks!

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