[Feature Request] Settable 'requested by' information on song queue API

Hi NightDev team,

I’ve been working on integrating Revlo’s points system with NightBot’s song request functionality to have people spend their Revlo points to play music on my stream, which works great, with one small caveat.

Because the song is being requested by my app, the requested by/user information is now populated with my account details. It’s kind of a shame to lose the ability to show who requested the song that’s playing.

I’d like to request the ability for the queue item displayName to be updated/submitted via the API.

I understand that this would be a total hack, since in reality it is my account that’s requesting the songs, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

That is not something that is possible at this time, sorry. It’s on the list of things to expose via our OAuth2 API, but it requires some refactoring of the song requests queue to support it. I unfortunately do not have an ETA of when I can get to this, but it will be completed at some point.

Thanks for the prompt reply night, good to hear that’s it’s planned for implementation at some point.

For anyone else coming across this topic hoping to retain ‘requested by’ information while integrating Revlo and NightBot’s song queue, a workaround: have your app store a local queue of requests and the desired ‘requested by’ information, then overwrite/generate the now playing information yourself (either by checking the current song in the queue, or just waiting for the NightBot app to update the local now playing .txt file). Of course this will only work for your overlays, and not the !currentsong command but it’s still a pretty good stopgap.

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