[Feature Request] Notepad/Memo

This is a pretty simple feature and I realize that you could just open a third party program like notepad. However, I think integrating a notepad feature/button would be incredibly useful.

The ability to just “open and close” using the chat UI would be more streamlined then “alt-tabbing” to switch programs while in-game. For example, saving links of viewers and saving a quick note. Twitch has recently came out with a clips/highlight button that creates clips. You can use the notepad to save twitch clips and oddshots which would be useful for streamers. I believe this feature will be useful for streamer, moderators, and streamers.

A text document could be generated and saved in to the documents folder. Ideally, it would be great if the notepad could be linked to your twitch account and be accessed by logging on to the twitch account.

Edit: There’s a request on twitch for a subfolder to save clips. However, it would still be useful to be able to write down a quick note and for other users than the person who made the clip to be able to save the links to clips.

Uses in terms of twitch/chat:

  • Saving links (clips, oddshot, imgur, gyfcat, gifs, etc)
  • Writing down reminders
  • Writing down donations to later add to stream overlay (streamers) although there are addons/extension that automatically do this
  • Write down channels that you mod
  • Writing down game related information quick
  • Writing down reasons for ban. useful for smaller channels. (mods)

This request is pretty far outside the purpose of BetterTTV, and there are much better solutions to all of the example problems you listed would be fixed by this feature. I’d recommend using existing tools which already do these jobs far better than BetterTTV could, including chat bots, stream alert programs, and phone apps.

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