[Feature Request] Global highlight

Since a lot of streamers have a command to shoutout another streamer, I’ve noticed it happens pretty often that mods spam the command so that people won’t miss it, so I was thinking if there could be a keyword, like @@, that would highlight the message so you can’t miss it. I’m sure there are more usecases for it, such as globally highlighting when a bot says that a raffle has been opened.

I was thinking of some other color than red (which is the user highlight color) and it shouldn’t popup or show in the top of the chat that you’ve been highlighted. Just a simple background color change for the message to catch people’s attention. Maybe a restriction that only streamer, mods and bots can globally highlight because I don’t see a reason why a regular viewer would need to use it. If anything, they’d only abuse it.

Now, I know this won’t stop spamming, but I thought it’s worth suggesting. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Changed the title to state that this is a feature request