[Feature Request] Friends and Friend Icon in chat

Have a “add friend” button on the little dialog that appears when you clicks someones name from chat. Then have a little icon next to the other icons the person might have:

The friends list would be one way. So only I would have the icon appear next to the friend. That person would also need to add me to their friends to have the icon next to my name for them.

Then possibly an option to “highlight all messages from friends”.

I’m constantly adding people to my highlight keywords to highlight what they say, rather than keywords themselves. I feel like a friend’s system would help make that easier and help create friendships in the smaller communities/channels.

Unfortunately that’s out of the scope of BetterTTV, sorry. If something like this were to happen it would need to be Twitch to be the ones who did it.

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BetterTTV maintains a list of highlight keywords and blacklist keywords. This would literally just be another list of strings -> the twitch names of your “friends”.

I don’t think its out of the question to add it to BetterTTV’s scope. No?

It’s not that it is impossible, its just that it is out of the realm of what BTTV wants to do. There is no real reason to add a ‘friend’ feature or badge for that system, it is much too large, especially for the basic reason of highlighting their messages that you described. If you are going through the process of adding them as a ‘friend’ you can go through the process of adding their name to the highlighted list (although i have never seen that use case for the highlighted words list and a separate option to highlight people might be a better feature request).

Edit: just my opinions on the matter.

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a separate option to highlight people might be a better feature request

Yes. This.

This may interest you: https://www.reddit.com/r/Twitch/comments/4a1a0j/twitch_leaked_friends_feature/


Hahaha. Thank you eagle-eye lad. :+1:

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