Feature request: Enter key to autocomplete

Just a small thing I noticed. When I use twitchcast on my laptop and type in the twitch user to watch. Then I press enter to just continue. But instead of just choosing “Video only” it closes the modal.

To recap: I want to enter the site, press “Get casting”, type the channel, press enter, then be auto directed to the “now select your casting device”.

Btw: Absolutely love twitchcast. The only thing that makes it possible for me to watch Twitch at source on my chromecast. Even though im on a gigabit connection with an ethernet adapter for the chromecast. <3

While I understand that’s generally how forms work, the site is just using a simple jquery setup to track button clicks, not form submissions. It’s more trouble than it’s worth to fix at this time, sorry. If we ever move the site to a js framework like angular it would be supported then.

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