[Feature Request] Discord filter for commands

Can we get a filter to only allow commands to be used in discord? There are commands that I would like to have in discord but not in live stream chat.


Can you elaborate on what commands specifically would not be appropriate for both Discord and Twitch?

We allow people to advertise when they are live on discord. We were using another bot where they can type !follow username and that would say a short sentence followed by their channel URL . That bot is not being supported anymore. We would like to do the same with nightbot but don’t want that command flooded in live chat which we can see people abusing.

Edit:. Also looking at making a quote command which we don’t want flooding live chat

So one thing you might consider doing is using the Regular userlevel to restrict access to the command. You might also consider playing with the command’s cooldown setting to prevent it from being spammed.

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