Feature Request: Disable Blacklist when Modded

While watching the latest SC2 tournament on the esltv_sc2 stream, I added some ascii-spam sequences to my blacklist so as to reduce spam in my chat. After the tournament was over, I headed over to another stream, where I’m a mod. After the stream, a viewer asked me if she could have the chat log for that session (I’ve been using an IRC client to keep a complete chat log ever since a disgruntled viewer made false claims about us on twitter).
I opened up the log file, and to my horror noticed that it was completely filled with ascii-spam. Like 80% of the chat was spam, and I was chatting and not doing a thing about it (because the spam was blacklisted).

Better twitch should give users the option to have their blacklist be automatically disabled when they are a mod in the current channel. This would be a HUGE improvement to it. I currently don’t usually use the BTTV blacklist for exactly the reason listed above: if I forget to clear it, it will impair my ability to moderate.

While you’re at it, have BTTV configured so that the ignore button on the chat toolbox simply adds the username in parentheses to the blacklist (username) instead of using the /ignore username command, since twitch has still not implemented a way for you to access your ignore list.

All of the Unicode spam you see can be timed out by a chat bot. Is there any reason why “esltv_sc2” hasn’t configured a bot to deal with the spam?

I just don’t see the use case for disabling the blacklist. The point of a blacklist is to block words. It’s counter-intuitive to allow the option to disable it. Even if you might find it useful, the majority of BetterTTV users wouldn’t see the usefulness in the added option. There a reason IRC logs exist, and your use of one proves it.