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Feature request: Allow for video stream to come from Youtube instead


Would it be possible to implement an option where the source video feed is from a YouTube stream instead of from Twitch? I’m thinking something similar to this website can potentially be done, where the YouTube video ID is passed in, as well as the name of the Twitch channel from where the chat will be pulled.


YouTube has its own integration for Chromecast that is decent, they don’t need ours.


Unless I’m mistaken, however, the integration from YouTube does not have an option to display Twitch’s chat window on the side.


I do not see why you would have Twitch chat next to YouTube video, as they are two different platforms.


Some events are streamed simultaneously on Twitch and YouTube. For example, Riot Games will stream their LCS events on both their YouTube channel and one of their Twitch channels, say nalcs1. However, under heavy load, the stream from the Twitch channel can have heavy lag or stuttering, or may simply go down. Conversely, the YouTube channel is more likely to stay up and run smoothly, but it does not come with the Twitch chat.

The idea behind the the website linked in my original post is to keep the Twitch chat while watching the same exact event from YouTube instead, because YouTube is the more reliable source. I’m thinking that if it is not too difficult, something similar can be implemented for TwitchCast.


Is there an update on whether this feature request is being considered?


We are not considering it, sorry. TwitchCast is only for Twitch, not YouTube (or else we would have named it differently).


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