[Feature Request] Ability to get multiple arguments with one variable


It’s definitely not a necessity by any means but I think it would be very helpful in certain instances of making commands if you could pull specific words from a query.

Here are the three I think would be most useful:

1.) $(n:)

!addcom !test $(3:)
!test Hello World! How is your day?

How is your day?
Returns the third argument and everything after


2.) $(:n)

!addcom !test $(:4)
!test What does this command do?

What does this command
Returns argument 4 and everything before it.


3.) $(n,n+x)

!addcom !test $(1,3)
!test Hey guys what is up?

Hey guys what
Returns everything from argument 1 to 3.


I do understand that this isn’t top priority by any means but I think it would be a useful tool in certain instances.

Also maybe an option to url encode it would be useful to. The nesting limit isn’t an issue because you can use an alias command but if you want to make just a singular command with no alias it could be helpful.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post and I hope you do consider it. :heart:

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Very interesting suggestion in my opinion.

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I’ll keep this in mind for the future. There’s numerous improvements to be made around custom command, but the infrastructure needs some rewrites first.


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