[Feat request] Theater mode button postitions

I’m aware my post is longer than it should be and worded, some of it may stem from English not being my first language and I ask you to read it anyways. On to my point:

This probably has been proposed before, but since I didn’t find it in the forums and just to be sure, I’m gonna propose this anyways: Please make the 5 buttons on the lower part of the stream in theater mode appear inside of the lower black bar, not above it. Just as the “Live” text on top is actually inside of the black bar. I believe it was that way before and the problem is caused by the twitch whisper feature, which disabling via BTTV - however the buttons are not going down as they should, but hover over the hidden whisper window.


How it looks now: https://imgur.com/lpxKAYd
How it should look: https://imgur.com/XlLIrGa

The buttons appear above because whisper windows appear in the space below that.

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