Fav/rec window minimised and then chat window disappeared

about 4 days ago my fav/rec window minimized and i could not find a way to put it back in the settings, but no big deal. Last night my chat window then disappeared but it was late so I logged out to bed. Tonight I see the window is still gone.

I have tried clearing cache and cookies, resetting to default settings to no avail.
I do not see the maximize chat/fav&rec window arrows.

I’m running opera 83.0.4254.27

Thanks for any help.

Hey @ghost_ai!

How do you know it’s a BetterTTV issue for sure? Because that doesn’t sound like it, you seem lost.

To check if it’s a BetterTTV issue, disable the extension and see if it fixes the issue, if not, the issue is somewhere else and we can’t help, if the issue is BetterTTV try to give us steps to reproduce it, because we can’t fix a bug we can’t identify.

Thats a pity as I have tried disabling the the extension and restarting the pc and it didn’t work. So I have no idea what I did, all i recall from that night was I clicked something near/in the chat window by mistake and it disappeared.

I’m unsure if that was the cause or not. I tried checking the twitch settings but they were no help.

You likely clicked on the collapse button by mistake, click back on it to expand:

If that’s not the issue, reach out to Twitch as we don’t provide support for their service.

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