Fading Messages/Appear From Bottom?

I’m looking to update my OBS a bit more, but I’ve been wanting to make it so my chat isn’t as obtrusive when nobody’s talking. I’ve switched to Desert Kharon IRC chat plugin ( http://desertkharonirc.codeplex.com/ ), which lets me have the messages appear at the bottom of my screen one by one and, after a period of time, fade out and go away completely. It works really well, but the main problem is that it cannot show any emoticons, which I’d like to be able to show.

Is there any way to get this to work with OBS Chat? Possibly through future updates or some CSS customization?


Honestly I am confused about your post. Are you requesting OBS Chat feature we offer have a feature like Desert Kharon IRC chat plugin? or are you confused and think we created Desert Kharon IRC chat plugin?

See with our OBS plugin, It is to show the chat as it happens. If you want to lets say “Resize” the chat, all you would have to do is crop it in OBS.

Cropping can be done by holding down the ALT but and dragging corners or edges of the source while in EDIT SOURCES tab.

As for the fading effect, as ours in a basic IRC with simplicity in mind it is hard to cover everyone’s dreams and requests.Hope you understand.

Maybe down the road we will see more custom features from Night and maybe he will give his dev side of things.


I’m not sure what was confusing in my post. What I want to know is if it’s possible to have chat messages appear when posted, remain on screen for a period of time, then fade out and go away completely so that the chat box isn’t always visible when there aren’t necessarily new messages being posted to remove clutter.

confusing or not, I answered it anyways.

Like I said, you can crop the OBS Chat down to your liking but as for what you are explain… no, we do not offer that feature.

Alright. Thanks for responding.