F bomb emote rejected

This emote was rejected for the reason of it having text in it.

It has ONE letter. I know it represents a swear word, but come on, we all know there are much worse emotes out there. Some quite suggestive in nature.

Can someone from BTTV please explain why this comical emote was rejected as the streamer would really like to have it on his channel.

Many thanks

This is the 56x56 size

As per section 5 of the BTTV emote rules:

In general, no profane or obscene content . Emotes that are deemed “too lewd” will be denied. Emotes with just letters will likely be denied (only a few exceptions for popular acronyms/words). Multi-part emotes (sometimes referred to as “connected” emotes) can form a maximum of 2x2 emotes (2 horizontal, 2 vertical), and any larger configurations will be denied.

Thanks for replying. Why is it then that emotes of bottoms and breasts dressed in next to no clothing get approved.

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