Extremely delayed notifications over websockets


I’ve been seeing delays on some tips and test tips coming in over the websocket connection delayed anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes.


It’s possible PayPal’s IPN system was delayed, which is why it was taking so long. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to improve that when it happens.


It’s happening with the test alerts too. We also have users that just aren’t getting tips over the websocket connection at all. I’m using the undocumented single connection with the join commands.


How many channels are you joining to on a single connection? If you’re in thousands, try sharding your connections.


Right now it’s 200. Is there a suggested number to shard afterward?


Between our two instanced looks like we’ve only gotten tips for 10 of the channels.


200 channels shouldn’t be a problem at all. Unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce this issue locally, so I don’t know what to tell you. If you email us your client_id and an account id of an account experiencing issues, we can try to repro it.


I put a sleep delay between sending the join commands and it seems to have fixed it.


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