External JS Trouble


I couldn’t type the message, that is more than 200 words, so I decided to code on Pastebin, then evaluate from that.


X="$(urlfetch json https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/channels?part=statistics&id=*CHANNEL_ID*&key=*API_KEY*)"; "Subscriber: " + X.items[0].statistics.subscriberCount + " | Views: " + X.items[0].statistics.viewCount + " | Total Video: " + X.items[0].statistics.videoCount

Nightbot command: !subs

Nightbot message:

$(eval $(urlfetch json https://pastebin.com/raw/XXXXXXXX))

that API link display: (in browser)

   "kind": "youtube#channelListResponse",
   "etag": "zJ408xk_bLGOHLlwCG8x4w6GWKI",
   "pageInfo": {
     "resultsPerPage": 1
   "items": [
       "kind": "youtube#channel",
       "etag": "PWKvUb45dNnpoUrK6mW93W_hj34",
       "id": "UCzkVF-CXaXTiLQXQbLSAeDQ",
       "statistics": {
         "viewCount": "1687231",
         "commentCount": "0",
         "subscriberCount": "11700",
         "hiddenSubscriberCount": false,
         "videoCount": "11"

this is actually my friend’s yt channel’s stats

BUT WHEN I CALL THE COMMAND, IT DISPLAY “Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined”
can you tell me why is it so??

It’s because x is defined as a string in your command get rid of the quotation marks surrounding the urlfetch. That should fix the problem. Oh and also you can’t have a urlfetch inside a pastebin you’ll have to define X in the eval and then link the pastebin after.

Also if length is an issue I would suggest adding commands through the nightbot dashboard.
And for future reference I wouldn’t recommend putting an api key in a pastebin even if it’s unlisted.


ok thanks for reply,
I will try…
thank you so much :wink:

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