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Exporting Data from StreamTip


Hey NightDev,

First off - I’m so sad to hear about the service closing. Thank you for creating it and providing it for all these years. I’ve used it since it was a paid service and would have gladly paid a fee to keep it. The customization options, UI, data graphs, etc. are all better than anything else I’ve seen out there currently.

Obviously, I’d love to be able to grab all the data for my records but it appears that CSV files can only be downloaded for 7 days at a time. Is there another way I can export the existing tip data? I guess, realistically, this is all already tracked in my PayPal account. Is there any data here that wouldn’t be readily available in PayPal?

Thanks in advance for the response.


Id love to know if there was a way to do this as well.


In response to this I’ve made a simple app (StreamTip is now shutdown) that will use Streamtip’s API to grab the full CSV file for you. If you find any blaring issues with it, please let me know.


Hi Aaron, I’ve used your app but still I only get a .csv file with tips from the past 7 days. Any idea how to get everything exported? Thanks!


This should be fixed, little hard to test with limited tip history. It now includes all tips as well as sorts them by date newest first.


Thanks Aaron, it does work now. But I got a different problem now. I’m trying to upload this .csv file into Streamlabs but nothing happens. Any ideas?


Should be good to go now. :+1:


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