Export playlist

I am wondering if there is anyway to export a playlist from Nightbot or to have multiple personal playlists? It would be nice to have a way to distinguish between songs people suggested and you added to the playlist from the playlist that is saved.

Currently I am in the slow process of backing up my playlist onto a youtube playlist by going through each song and adding it. Mostly because I would like to have multiple playlists that I could play at certain times, this way if I just backup this playlist, I can re-import it later. But then I also have the headache that whenever someone suggests a song and then I add it to the playlist for later, I need to go back and add it to the youtube playlist also.

Obviously you guys provide a great service, for free, and I am immensely appreciative either way but figured I ought to try asking before I spend the next few hours converting the list myself.

There’s no way to export without building your own tool using our API at this time, sorry. For technical reasons we’re also only able to support a single playlist per channel at this time. If enough people want multiple playlists we can consider making the changes required, but it’s not simple enough to warrant changing without purpose.

Dang, thanks for the response though.

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