EXPERT CODER NEEDED: Creating a Murder game


At this moment i tried to make a murder game wich any user can trigger the murder game to play.

At this point Nightbot would say some1 will die in 100 seconds by (the user who triggered the alert). Guess who will die!

and then after 100 seconds the command !kill would trigger so a random user gets killed from the chat (yess suicide is possible)

Atm i have the !kill command ready for use wich i can’t use cuz of hyperlink pages, that command has been testeda and is up to go!

But I’m stuck for using the command that would trigger it’s use since cd= (timevalue in seconds) would not work only creates a cooldown for the command use.

otherwise -a=!kill wouldn’t help either to finnish the command

If some1 could help? tyvm!

Hiya, I think the best way to do this is with a custom script through the $(urlfetch) variable. When the command is triggered, you can respond like you said with a message: Guess who will die!, but also save the Nightbot-Response-Url that can be found in the headers of the request. This url is valid for 5 minutes, then it’s up to your script to send a message back at the right time. Check the docs to see how to send a message.

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