Exclamation commands not working

My exclamation commands stopped working, for example, when I type !points nightbot will not respond or when others use !points I will not see nightbot respond to them. However, when I try with a different user name it work as it should. Why is this happening?

Furthermore, when I type !songrequest my song will play but nightbot will not display my song request title - only for me and only for this specific user name?

If I log in with a different username everything works normally. Why does thi happen with this username only?

You probably ignored Nightbot in chat.

Type “/unignore nightbot” in chat to unignore the bot.

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(MajorFacePalm) Thank you so much for responding and answering my question. This 100% solved the error. I’m glad I made this post because hopefully someone else will need this answer in the future.


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