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Excess Symbols filter problem


I use Nightbot on a Twitch channel. Some viewers just say “Hi” with one or two emotes “hands” or heart symbols. And the filter kick the viewers for “excess symbols” reasons.
But i fixed the limit on 25 symbols… the viewers are kicked anyway.

It’s not Twitch emote, i think it’s emotes from a phone. Why messages with one or two phones emotes are kicked for excess symbols reasons, if the filter is 25 ?

For exemples the lasts messages are :

I want to kick spammers of symbols not regular viewers who don’t understand the kick.

I hope you can help me.

Emoji characters are actually symbols, as in that they are classified as non-letter characters in the Unicode spectrum. The symbols filter will function against any non-letter characters being posted into the chat. If symbol spam isn’t a large issue for your stream, I would recommend making the limitations more lax by increasing the limit or disabling it.

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Hi @night

Thanks for your answer.

As I said in my previous message. My limit was already 25 symbols but messages with 2 or 5 symbols were considered as spam by the bot. Even the number was under the limit.
So I don’t understand the reason.

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