Error:"You can only upload 5 emotes per week. Come back next week."

Only problem is that I haven’t actually submitted any emotes. There are no pending emotes and none in my list. I was trying to submit an emote (over and over again) and was having trouble with the size and I think I finally fixed it but now I have this error… Can someone please fix this for me so I can actually submit one? I have tried clearing cookies/cache on my browser just in case but it’s not on my end as far as I can tell.

The error is working as intended. Due to the abuse of the emote uploading limits have been established. As the error says you have surpassed your limit and must wait for your cooldown to reset. In the future check that your emote is the right size(112x112) before uploading an emote.

I was never actually able to submit/upload an emote so that makes no sense. And I was double and triple checking the pixel size before submitting, just fyi.

The issue is a bit obtuse in this case, attempting to upload is treated as the same as uploading. You attempted to upload 5 times so you were then not able to upload afterwards. You will need to wait a week from when you first attempted to upload.

For future reference the recommended size is 112x112, going above that or below the minimum (100x100) will not allow you to upload but will count as an attempted upload.

How were you needing to do such size checking five times though? It says right on the page that it should be 112x112, and i would assume your image editor of choice could set the canvas size to be 112x112.

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