Error Uploading image to Dropbox

I am trying to set up my follower alert. I have tried clearing my cache and cookies from my web browser(Chrome). And still I am still getting the “Error uploading image to Dropbox.” on step 4 I am not uploading my own image, I am using all the preset things and and the audio clip (ogg) is only 5 seconds long. I have been trying to fix this for about 3 hours now and I am still getting this message. Someone please help me!!

Try clearing your cookies and cache (from the beginning of time), as perhaps your Dropbox access token expired.

I just tried clearing (from beginning of time) and it still doesnt work. is there a way for manually getting a new Dropbox token?

Make sure you’re on the latest version of Google Chrome as well. You can also try Chrome’s Incognito mode to see if it helps.

none of that worked either.

Does this require Java 8? cause i know that I have not updated java. But i dont see how that would help.

I added better error handling. Can you clear your cookies and cache, and then try uploading again. If you get an error, please copy it here.

This is the message that is said, “Your Dropbox is full. Try removing some items or upgrading your Dropbox account to a paid plan.” I tried deleting a bunch of documents and it still says the same message.

You can see your Dropbox usage at

you my friend are a genius! It worked! thank you so much!!!

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