Error uploading image. Is there a size limit to the image

I want to use a .gif for my follower update but i get “Error uploading image”. every time. I took several gifs and used Adobe Premiere to put them together. When i tried it with one of the single gifs, it worked. The gif i want to uses is 6.6 MB. Is that too much? I see that there is an imgur link in the code, could i link my image manually?

The maximum file size for animated gifs is 2MB.

I know you can use vidble ( ) which allows 10mb i think. I used it for a friends image ( }

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ok, I tried doing it manually but it also didnt work

ok, thanks ill try that site out.

Vidle gif works for me flawlessly.

Now depending on the size of the gif (1280x720) you would need to change the CLR size aswell as play with the CSS. As support for NightDev we honestly don’t recommend this for people with out knowledge of CSS because it can cause further problems with other stuff. So altering it is a userside thing and if it breaks, as support our hands are tied.

I have posted many times around the forums with my CSS and whatnot but I will share it this once to help you. If this gets me in trouble… OHHH BOY, I WILL SET THE HEAVENS ON FIRE lol

Now this is for Streamtip, not Donationtracker. Which I assume you are using Streamtip now.

This is for a 1280x720 centered texted image.

::-webkit-scrollbar {
  visibility: hidden;
body {
  background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
  margin: 0px auto;
#tip-alert {
     height: 720px !important;
     width: 1280px !important;
#tip-alert .text {
     margin-left: 0px !important;
     padding-top: 660px !important;
     width: 1280px !important;

Thanks again, if i ever do something like that, i will use it. I do have some basic CSS knowledge.
After searching on the internet i got my 6.6 MB file under 2MB, i dropped the FPS to 10 and removed colours and compressed it. It’s just a standard 580x110 banner. I’ll try that site so i can get 20fps and better quality.

Is there no way to have the files locally? wouldn’t that make more sense? As all you need to do is rename files to change the stuff. Then all you need is the trigger from nightdev…

beautiful isn’t it?

ok i got the full version on vidble

T. Hanks :slight_smile:

A better solution for the visual alerts is being worked on (no eta). All images and resources will be stored locally…

Sweet, im guessing it will be a separate plugin. Just enter your name and select the image ans sound.

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