Error Connecting To WebEval Service

Buenas, estoy utilizando este comando para poder saludar cuando alguien dice buenas noches, el problema es cuando canvias el noches por cualquier otra cosa, salta el siguiente error y no acabo de entender el por que, alguien sabe?
nightbot1 nightbot

Hey @gero1!

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, Google Translate fails me on that one, also if you could send messages in English here that would be nice, thanks!

The error you’re getting is often temporary and resolves by itself, you just need to be patient. If you still experience the issue, please let us know.

Hello, I am using this command to be able to say hello when someone says good night, the problem is when good night without the word night, the following error appears and I can not understand why, does anyone know? ?

Like Emily said issues like this are typically temporary. I don’t see anything in the command that should cause an error like that.

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