Enhancement: Force Moderator Status

I’m kinda surprised that wasn’t suggested before or maybe I just couldn’t find it:
An option to force moderator status, thus having the ban/timeout buttons in front of each username as well as all buttons in the user info panel (when clicking on an username).

There was a time when Twitch was very unstable regarding giving moderator status until it was fixed. But lately it happens again to me and others I asked. You randomly lose moderator status and as a result you have to type all commands. It’s not too bad but it would be nice to be able to force mod status, maybe as a channel specific option. Like, you know you’re a moderator in channel A hence you check this option in channel A, so during derpy times Twitch won’t be able to remove it.


This will never be needed when using BetterTTV, which is why it doesn’t exist.

I’m not quite sure what do you mean by that. Is BetterTTV already supposed to do that? If so, it doesn’t seem to work as intended.
Also, I don’t mean those moderator losses you frequently see in IRC. Rather those lasting several minutes. The longest I’ve seen so far was like 40 minutes.

BetterTTV grabs the /mods list when you join a channel, so even if Twitch is having issues you’ll never lose the timeout buttons. In addition, Twitch has already made changes to the chat servers in December, adding user type to every message sent. Mods are always known when they send messages, so it is impossible for chat to not know you’re a mod.

Factoring in the above statements, my prior response holds true.

Ah, I already knew about the new message tags but not that BetterTTV is using them. Thanks for clarifying that.
I think this topic can be closed now.

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