Emotes not working with BTTV on

This started about 15 minutes ago. Emotes are not showing up. It is not just me either. I refreshed chat and it they no longer work. I turned BTTV off and they work on regular twitch.

same issue here. not working on both 32 and 64 bit versions of chrome.

Someone just informed that disabling frankerfacez solved the problem.

i have disabled it, but still having issues.

yeah same here, disabled ffz, still having issues…

update: just uninstall FFZ, then it will work (did for me) if you don’t wanna do that you’ll have to wait

It all works again now. FFZ and BTTV.

This is resolved. It was due to an edge case concerning certain users’ emoticon sets. The issue was actually fixed before an update to BetterTTV was pushed live, but due to a technical glitch the unfixed version was pushed live instead.