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Emotes not showing up

Hello i have tried everything, apparently everytime i use my VPN it gets fixed

did you guys banned iran ip ?

in javascrpit gets timed out/ connection closed .

We do not block any regions, but it is possible your government is blocking our CDN provider. I did a quick Google search and found:

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oh god , that makes sense ty

Did the recieved some changes? Because it doesn’t seems to return anything. It worked fine just a few days ago



which returns

    "bots": [],
    "emotes": []

update: well i eventually switched to v3

It seems like it did. The reason dafran returns nothing, I assume is because this api link now returns the emotes that channel has UPLOADED, rather than the ones the channel uses. This is reflected in tsm_theoddone’s case.

The v2 API should be fixed.

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