Emotes not getting approved

Hey y’all. This emote here: http://imgur.com/a/z3nBS (linking the album to see it better) keeps getting denied.

The reason stated was that the edges weren’t smooth enough. I don’t really see any edges at all on the emote. It fits the size, there is no text, and it’s recognizable at 28x28, to me and the viewers at least because we all know what he looks like.

I guess they mean the ‘semi choppy’ edges on the white stroke. Can’t really explain how to fix it, but if you’ve got the unedited picture for me, I could try to fix it for you if u’d like.

edit: with the raw image I was only able to do it thus far, its minimal but took away the choppy pixel edges: http://imgur.com/KCokdSv

They sure are picky for things they’ll never use or see. That makes hardly any difference at all in the actual picture ugh, i’ll smooth those like 3 small areas up and see if it gets denied again. Thanks

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