Emotes copyright

The issue is really simple. I created emote called “agrS” for channel named “Agraelus”. This streamer used agrS emote and i just wanted to create more emotes for him, i send them to him, but he didn’t wanted to use them, so i decided that i will use them on my channel. But both of them got rejected due to copyright issue. I tried to contact him with this but he didn’t care enough to answer me… How can i solve this, i really want to add those emotes.

If they are already uploaded to Twitch then you are not able to use them on BetterTTV unless you are the broadcaster that uploaded them.

I feel like this is pretty dumb, I mean shouldn’t the creator have permissions to the emote?
Like I could just go around stealing peoples emotes and put them on my sub-emotes and then just have them taken down from BTTV in that case…

They are not uploaded on Twitch or on his channel, the emotes only have few similar things like hat or skin color, but they are not anywhere yet… He didn’t wanted them when i created them for him and now because they are similar i can’t use the other 2.

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