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Emote was Stolen


I made a BTTV emote called bibleCry. After it was already approved on BTTV I realised it didn’t look the way I wanted it to. I couldn’t find a way to update just the image so I deleted it, edited it, and re-posted it to get approved. However, it wasn’t approved because someone (BlatnoyTheBest) took it and uploaded it as their T3 twitch sub emote. I don’t care so much about them using the image as much as I’m mad that it’s not able to be globally used on Twitch through BTTV. I want my emote to get approved. How do I get this dealt with?


I believe we approved your emote already due to your described circumstances, but in general we do not permit uploading of Twitch subscriber emotes as broadcasters offer them as paid products. Broadcasters would lose revenue if people were stealing their emotes on BetterTTV, so we want to do right by the broadcasters.


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