Emote upload, dimension issue

The upload page says the image have “invalid emote image dimensions” even tho it’s below the 112x112.


No, that image is 112x83, we recommend emotes must be a correctly square 112x112 (technically a minimum of 100x100)

But instructions state “Heights and widths of emotes are not required to be exactly equal to this size, but they cannot surpass this size” and i already have another emote that is 112 x 82 uploaded less than two weeks ago, no issues.

Yes, this change was fairly recent. Previously emotes had no minimum but due to people uploading incorrectly sized emotes it has been changed so that the minimum width and height must be at least 100 pixels (it doesnt need to be exactly 112, but it shouldnt be too much smaller). Emotes previously in the system are allowed, but new uploads must follow the standards.

Just tried 112x100 and it worked, thank you!
Ping @night: Psst, update the requirement info :slight_smile: Thanks!

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