Emote Rejection Clarification

Hi, a friend of mine recently tried submiting a couple of emotes for his Discord server. The first one looked like this. It was rejected with the reason

Please resubmit this emote with clarification of the use/permission from Discord.

This is somewhat understandable seeing as it is a modified version of Discord’s logo. I find it kind of funny because there are countless Discord server which Discord’s logo, but I know you guys can’t control that. Fair enough.
So, after a couple of weeks someone in the server offered to make a new and improved logo that didn’t use Discord’s look. It looked like this
This one was rejected with the reason

Emotes with text letters are not allowed. Use an entire word in one emote or no letters at all.

At this point, we’re getting a little frustrated. First of all, the rules state that

Emotes with just letters will likely be denied

They say nothing about just having letters in it. Second of all, I know of several custom emotes that “break” this rule which were approved with no problem.
If someone would be kind enough to clarify the selective nature of these rules, I would be greatly appreciative.
Thank you.

Discord is actually pretty permissive about using their logo/brand. You can see their rules here: Discord's Branding Guidelines namely if you’re gonna use our art for something please keep it tasteful and send it our way for approval at support@discordapp.com

Anything that is just letters but not a word (with some common acronyms like RIP as exceptions) will not be allowed due to potential to be abused. D4J seems to be a shortened acronym for a larger set of words. So it might be best to JUST use the logo or find a way to use one of the entire words.

If you know of any emotes that break the rule you can let us know. Some old ones were never gotten to and some slip by but i would be happy to help clarify if you are ever confused. As i said some commonly used acronyms are allowed. Such as RIP, GG, EZ, etc.

We asked for permission and were denied.

Please do not edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure the Discord logo.

This is a common rule that is broken both in Discord and in some BTTV emotes. I don’t know of any others that were told to ask for permission.

I’m not sure I quite understand the “abuse” argument seeing as you could include what the acronym stands for. The acronym stands for “Discord4J” which is a bit too large to properly display on such a small icon. I can see the “can’t be easily read” rejection reason already.

I know of a couple that were approved very recently that break both of the rules discussed here, but I don’t want to ruin anyone’s hard work so I’ll keep them to myself.

I don’t know if they ever changed it or we were just ignorant about it for a while but i had thought that discord was fine with their logo being used and recreated without worry about permission. Older images and such didn’t get this warning but newly created ones are.

Abuse can come from the combination of letters to form words, get around blacklists, and annoy streamers who do not want it due to Personal Emotes being a pro feature. Another option for you if it is your final logo is to just not include the ‘D4J’ part at all and just have the logo.

Thats up to you, but without any hard evidence then it can’t be said that other users weren’t given the same warnings or other people slipped by. Users can’t see any of the uploaded justifications so oftentimes an emote is actually fine when people might not think so.

Would showing you ones that “slipped by” result in them being unapproved? I don’t want that to happen.

If they are breaking rules, yes. If you are just unsure of “why it was allowed” most likely not.

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