Emote rejected twice

Hi there,

I’ve submitted twice now and it keeps getting rejected. Here is the concerned gif :

the first time with the message :

Please slow down the gif.

So I increased the frame delay from 2ms to 4ms. Still rejected, with this message this time :

We do not allow the use of copyrighted materials. Please slow down the gif.

I’ve downloaded a few BTTV emotes to see what frame delay they were using and I’ve seen some with 2ms, such as :

I also don’t understand the copyright part at all…

I’d love to have a more detailed answer so I can finally send a correct emote.

Thank you,

The twitch emote FrankerZ is copyright of twitch, and can’t be used.

Delay is not about specifically a delay in each frame, its how the emote looks with the changes in frames. Smoother frame transitions at 2ms will still look better than jumpy 4ms delay

The emote you linked was from before the rule was put in place, and so was grandfathered in.

Hi Slikrick, thank you for answering.

I didn’t know that submitting frankerfacez emotes wasn’t allowed, my bad on that part.
However, about the emote looks, the jumpy cuts are intended since it’s supposed to be a “triggered” emote such at those 2 already available on BTTV:


I’m gonna submit a new emote in the same style with another emote than FrankerZ so I need to clear that up I guess.


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