Emote rejected twice

Hi. I submitted the following gif https://gyazo.com/667b19875ee778cac4b760a42fad8aaf and first it got rejected with a message "Please slow down the gif."
I slowed it down to following https://gyazo.com/ef836ca05f96ffee536092020807f50e and it got rejected again, but this time with the message "This emote does not comply with our Terms of Service."
What does this exactly mean? Is is too blurry, too lewd, still too fast?
If this helps you, emotes name was going to be DeadBoaty, and I had the persons permission to use him at the gif.

Yes, that emote is ‘too lewd.’ You aren’t allowed to have butts in emotes.

(This also goes against Twitch’s emote rules, which BTTV approvers also follow when approving emotes)

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