Emote rejected "This is unreadable at low resolution."

Hello, I tried to submit emote but it got rejected with that message on title.
I was wondering what is the problem on it exactly. I’m assuming the “scatter” text?
Submitted emote: http://i.imgur.com/3LlYebW.png
and with the test chat on emote submit part: https://i.gyazo.com/52aedad24d5782d5b45034f89e271bd9.png
How could I fix this problem? Would love to get this emote ! :smiley:

Yes, the problem with the emote is indeed that the text in it is unreadable when its at a chat like size.

Since i’m not really an artist nor do i edit images im not entirely sure how you would fix that. You could simply remove the text but keep the rest of the picture, or you could try making the text work (which is very unlikely due to just the space limitations)

Hmmh… Well how about black outline on the text ? Ill try to outline it and see how it looks on the test.

I tried some editing for the scatter text part on other picture, could any1 tell if this would be anywhere near acceptable?

You should look at both light and dark themes when uploading. That emote does not look like it would be ok on light theme, so it would probably be rejected.

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