Emote rejected, need advice on modifications

I made an emote that has been rejected because it doesn’t have a transparent background. Image How much transparency does the emote have to have? I could remove the turquoise rock/wall at the right, would that be sufficient? If I removed the black floor, there comes an issue that the text color would have to be modified, and white text wouldn’t display well on a light background and black text wouldn’t display well on a dark background. The main elements that are must-keeps are the chest, the purple light, and the text. How can I change the emote so it will be approved while keeping those main elements? What is the justification for absolutely requiring transparent backgrounds?

Backgrounds are unnecessary and often never look good in a 28x28 format. If focusing on an item the item should be transparent to make it more clear. Also overall the emote needs to be clear and high quality enough in order to be legible in a light and dark background.

are there ever special cases that are approved? it looks like in my case the background looks fine in 28x28 format, and the background is needed for the light above the chest to look right. I could see transparent backgrounds being necessary for gifs, but for this static picture the transparent background would make the emote look worse unfortunately

Sorry but we don’t offer any exceptions. Emotes that have backgrounds is due to them being grandfathered before the rule was created.

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