Emote rejected for no transparent background?

Hello, this is just a suggestion: maybe when you reject an emote you should actually give some further points or details as to what “no transparent” background means? sona2

These are the emotes I submitted and I just got an email from one of them being rejected due to no transparent background. Can someone please explain to me in detail that is easily understandable as to what I have to do to get these approved? Does transparent background mean black and white? Thanks

Looks like it was denied by accident, if you could reupload and send the link I’ll sort you out :slight_smile:

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Okay thanks so much! What link are you referring too?

now its telling me I can only upload 5 emotes per week, but I only uploaded like 3?

Each time you click the upload button and select an image, that counts as one of your weekly uploads, even if you don’t fully submit. Unfortunately you’ll need to until a week after the first upload was completed before this counter is reset without a pro subscription.

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so if I do the pro sub right now, would I be able to re upload it? and honestly thats quite unfair to me… also I was kicked out or blocked from joining the discord server as well with no reason given to me…

https://manage.betterttv.net/emotes/5bd75ec233d730629c5f8976?uploaded=true is this the link u need…?

Thanks it just got approved ^^ I hope my others get approved ass well
Also I was wondering if the stream elements bot can use these emotes as well?

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