Emote rejected :c

Please have a more thoroughly review on my emote. I literally spend hours to figure out a way to make it readable for users.

I used Discord ( I know that its shown bigger if posted single, but has the 28 x 28 size in a sentence). I was constantly checking with friends and viewers if this is readable. Everyone agreed it is, so I’m a bit disappointed that u seem to disagree with it. Please have another check on it. It is sort of my signature and I would be rly happy if my viewers would be able to use it.


Ofc I will compiy if people will argue that its not readable, but as I said I spend a lot of time trying different fonts etc.

here is the 112 x 112 >.<


edit: I actually uploaded the wrong one and corrected my mistake. plus the emote is called nyaKat - which makes it pretty impossible to not catch up on it >.<

It’s a little difficult to make out on a light background, you might have some luck adding a darker stroke around the text to make it stand out a little more.

So are you saying the color of the word isnt dark enough? would this do? I honestly have no clue to add an outline to the whole thing Chibi_Nyah%20red%2028x28

here the 112x112



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