Emote rejected again... help? :/

So… rigth now i am a bit… well annoyed. (Don’t get me wrong i am thankful for the BTTV Emote Service.)
I tried to apply an emote 3 times now… I can sort of understand why the first 2 times were rejected. But the third one?
All of them were rejected for same reason: “This is unreadable on light mode chat.”
I feel like the third entry is quite well readable… but before trying to submit it again i want to ask for help…
Honestly i am very frustrated right now and want to kick someones shin… but i will refrain from that and instead ask you guys for help.

At first i darkened the outlines of the Hype then later i switched it to one, darker color … mint was simply too light for lightmode…

The Emote at question in its 3rd form:

I really do not understand where this is not readable in Lightmode Q_Q

So yeah… help? D: Please!

It looks fine to me. When you reupload link to this post and it shouldn’t get rejected.

Thank you SO SO much! I was very worried i woud have to change it too much…
Thank you!

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