Emote Problems. mostly gif's


since yesterday evening i got the problem.
I have the problem the bttv-emote menu doesnt show up (which is always fixed by just refreshing the page)
Thats fixed easily. But my main problem is, that if i open the emote menu, the Gif emotes are not moving anymore. Also in chat they dont move either.
I checked my settings a few times, i reinstalled bttv, i restarted chrome. reinstalled it again. Nothing seems to work for me.
Yesterday the problem occured on some channels but not on every channel. Today its on every channel.
Hope someone can help me.

I am also having this issue. It started today and I use Firefox. I checked Chrome and it was working there fine for me.

Ok update.
Somehow they work again now. will update if changed again.

This is likely caused by a third party extension other than BetterTTV. Ensure that the issue only occurs when only BetterTTV is active on Twitch.

I have the same problem and have uninstalled/reinstalled and nothing.

That doesn’t really matter, probly another extension that was updated that is conflicting with Bttv.

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