Emote not working in a specific channel

I made an emote (peepoBike), uploaded it and enabled sharing.

GiantWaffle added it to his channel but it doesn’t show in browsers (to some? including me).
Tc chat client does show it for me as you can see in the screenshot below

Things I tried:
clear cache, use different browsers chrome/firefox and Tc chat.

peepoBike works fine in other channels (Unknown_, Uzknown, Mangosteeeen)
on Firefox, Chrome and Tc chat.

I don’t know how many can see the emote or what browser/chat client they use so it’s a bit difficult to figure out what the exact issue is.

My guess would be: an issue with the browser plug-in / 50 emote limit.
Because it works in other channels but those other channels aren’t using more than 5 emotes.

Then again, I can only judge on my own experience, possibly it works fine for others in their browser.

Hmm. it can take up to 30 minutes before the emote appears for everyone, due to caching.
I can’t test out this specific emote / channel, since it looks like the emote is not enabled in the channel anymore? https://betterttv.com/users/5a1488c64ebd8047f54ebfa8

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announcement clip of peepoBike

:man_shrugging: I don’t know either, for me it works in Tc but not on browser.

Tc has to get it from somewhere though?

They (he also added PogBike) work now. :+1:
GiantWaffle said, and I’ll quote:

“somehow I added 51 of the 50 allowed emotes, and I think that’s why I didn’t see peepoBike”

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