Emote getting rejected?

I have submitted my emote over 4 times now and it has always been rejected.
1: “blurry”
2: “too low quality”
3,4: No transparent background…
thats kinda triggering me. “Emotes must have a transparent background”
(TommyR) <- the emote that im trying to submit (and yes transparency is enabled in the file)
yet i see emotes with “backgrounds” getting accepted
even i have one (MeliR)

Not to forget global BTTV emotes like
(haHAA) and (SourPls)

I may sound very mad… (well i am due to other private things)
but can someone please explain whats different about my emote?



There is no background on this emote at all, it is entirely the face.


Same as before, its a face emote that covers the full image size. This is allowed.


This emote is a legacy emote made before the rules were put in place and before emotes could even be uploaded. It does break the rule you mentioned, yes, but we don’t apply new rules to old emotes (with small exceptions to some rules)


There is black at the bottom right and bottom left of the image. This is the background that is being referred to and that should be removed. Notice that none of the other faces you mentioned have this. The emote is also slightly low quality and blurry, but the black background in the corners isn’t subjective, it is just there.

You can either remove the black background or zoom in on the face until it covers the full screen.

but in the original image it was white and i made it black. i want it to be like that,
its the most i can really zoom in. i guess ill blend the corners in or something

If you can shift the focus of your image upward at all (e.g. to help it fill the frame more) it should work out, unless the top of the emote is also the absolute top of the original image.

White is still a full color. If we say it needs to be transparent then it needs to be made transparent, not another different color. I don’t know what you mean by ‘blending’ the corners but if its still deemed as not needed and could be transparent it will be denied with the same reason.

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