Emote getting rejected

Hello i been tryign to get this emote uploaded to use and it keeps getting rejected for the no transparent background reason. even with stating my case why it should be uploaded i just get hit with the standerd response. now i looked into other emotes adn there are actualy multiple emotes that have a background that doesnt add anythign to the emote ther eis also some that do. now its regardign this emote kittykiss112x100 removign the backround 1 makes it look ugly and 2 makes it realy hard to see on light mode aswell is there special reason why some emmote do get accepted adn this 1 doesn’t

Thx in advance

Unfortunately we do not permit emotes with backgrounds, sorry. You would need to crop out the background on every frame.

But why are some other emotes aproved then that do have backgrounds
These are just a few examples some are on BTTV for a while already but some are accept just days ago

SourPls existed far before the emote system’s existence and supersedes all present-day rules. We’re removed the first two since they slipped through the cracks, but the latter two are fine.

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