Emote Feedback "Edge needs to be trimmed"

Hi, since i’ve hit the weekly upload limit but still have not been able to figure out which portion of the emote is poorly trimmed, I’d like to ask here instead where I can get full feedback/explanation if possible.

Below is the emote in question.

As of now, the only thing I can think of it the top of the head stuttering, but that’s due to animation frames of the head bobbing up and down slightly. Aside from that, I have already removed the matte pixels that outline gifs, so there shouldn’t be any issue with odd outlines.

The emote was done with the pen tool in photoshop, so there shouldn’t be any drastic edge issues.

Do hope someone from the team can help me better understand what’s the issue with the emote.


I’m guessing the reason why the emote approvers are rejecting it is due to the “choppy” looks of the edges. If they were to be smoothed out I’m sure it would get approved.

Hey night,

From what you see any idea which specific area in your opinion? I’m think it’s the cape, did some touch ups but i don’t want to keep submitting the emote and wasting the approvers time.

Update one here:

Hopefully I can sort this out.

Hey there your emote should be live on BTTV for you!

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