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Emote erroneously rejected as a duplicate

I’m uploading several emotes of the same character with different facial expressions and BTTV is rejecting one of them as a duplicate even though it’s not a duplicate.


The one on the left is the one I’m trying to upload, and the one on the right is what BTTV says it’s a duplicate of. These are both owned by my organization and have not been previously uploaded by another user.

I was able to upload the rest of my emotes (some of which are even closer to the original) without problems. Is there a workaround for this?

Hiya, I’ve seen this image pass by in the Discord, has this been solved already?

Unfortunately not. The only solution we came up with was to change the colors on the emote, which isn’t an option since this is an official mascot. (JDRF is a type 1 diabetes charity.)

I figure I need someone at BTTV to override the algorithm but don’t know how to go about requesting that, if it’s even possible.

I’ve pushed a change so that duplicate emotes don’t apply to the same uploader. This should help against this particular situation.

Thank you! I was able to upload it.

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