Emote denied without reason given

Mid-may I made an emote for a channel I’m moderating, but when the streamer uploaded it to bttv, it got denied without any reason given. He wasn’t sent an email, it just got deleted. So I tried uploading the emote to see if maybe something went wrong, but the emote is still pending review for me, even though I submitted it weeks (2,5-3) ago. I really don’t know what is wrong with the emote I made, as far as I know it’s conform to the TOS. Why was it denied and are you still going to review the emote I submitted?

No information here about what emote or which channel, not exactly a whole lot anyone can do.

my username is the same as my twitchname, druidsoffate. It’s about an emote called norTinted, which is the only emote I’ve ever uploaded.

The original emote was rejected due to there being a white border on the image. The other one is pending due to the queue and you will need to be patient.

Okay, thank you for your reply! I would swear there wasn’t a white border when i made it, something must’ve went wrong.

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