Emote denied because it has no transparency?

My emote was just denied because it had no transparent background as you can see below:


However, checking the latest approved emotes, it looks like there are loads full-size emotes without a transparent background. Just a few for examples (pastebin because I am only allowed to post 2 links):


Even full-size gifs without any transparency:


I would like to know why my emote was denied whilst there are others like it that are approved.

We allow full-size emotes, but it if the emote has a background we ask it be transparent. Emotes that you listed (1 & 2), have no background thus nothing needs to be transparent.

Right, that’s 1 & 2, what about all the others and what should I do to get mine approved?

Can I get an official answer on this?

The official response is your emote has no transparent background so it’s not been accepted. Using other emotes as an excuse for why yours should be approved is not a good argument. Rules are constantly evolving and old emotes can exist in grandfathered states.

Well, just opened the latest shared emotes, on the first row of “Upload Date”: https://manage.betterttv.net/emotes/5a436ca945ce375e51eda02c

It definitely was uploaded today or yesterday, so it’s not grandfathered. I am not trying to excuse my upload, I understand it shouldn’t be accepted, but then why are others?

This emote was approved by mistake and has since been removed.

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